User Experience

Discover the sweet spot between user wants and your business goals with a User Experience workshop

Benefits of a UX workshop

User journey maps

We’ll gain a deep understanding of your business and paint a picture of who your user is. We’ll map out how they interact with your product or service and figure out their most significant pain points.

Design thinking

With a pain point to solve, we’ll brainstorm and sketch out possible solutions that will turn frustration into delight and improve customer experience and help to achieve your business goals.


Together we choose the best solution to turn into a rapid prototype. This could be website or app designs with designed pages and clickable links.


We will use the prototype and test it with a group of people. This will help to validate a solution and find any usability issues. From here, we can quickly reiterate and update the design based on our findings.

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Why you should put a focus on User Experience

No matter your industry, it is full of rapidly growing interfaces, which makes UX design incredibly important. Not only for your processes but also to help you stand out from your competition. Blitzm Design are User Experience experts who can help ensure that you are providing the very best version for your customers and visitors.

Your User Experience comes down to how a person feels when interfacing with your system, be it a website, web application, or even desktop software. This is all vitally important because you are there to fulfill the user’s needs in the most efficient way possible while also offering the highest quality. The goal is to provide positive experiences which will, in turn, keep your users loyal. We help you to create a meaningful user experience that will define the customer journey and help achieve business success.

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The User Experience varies for every business. When designing it, many companies get caught in the trap of thinking they are the user, assuming what the user wants or needs.

Blitzm Design can help you define a great experience by getting you close to your users, getting inside their heads and creating the perfect experience which not only satisfies their needs but also helps to excel your business above the competition building a loyal, recurring customer base. Speak to us about how to achieve this today.

Workshop options

Blitzm Design offer two UX Workshop options for your business so you can choose between a slimline or more in-depth delve into the mind of your customers.

The options include:

User Experience workshops

Duration: 2–4 hours

This experience features a deep dive into your business goals and company data that may help gain a better understanding of your customers. We look to identify pain points and potential or current problems before creating a persona of your customer. We will also create a user flow which determines how the customer interacts with your business to then form the best User Experience for that person.

This workshop will provide you with a document of all our findings with a high-level plan outlining your next steps. In some cases, we will provide a prototype which offers a helpful solution for your business, which you can purchase as a ‘7-hour prototype.’ This is often a fully designed and clickable landing page which you can test to ensure it will be effective. If something more in depth is required, you can opt for the…

The 5-day sprint

Duration: 5 days (surprise!)

This more in-depth investigation looks to test a solution we have determined for a big problem your business is facing, using a more in-depth prototype.

This more detailed deep dive often looks similar to this:
Monday – Define the problem and create a user flow with journey maps
Tuesday – Brainstorm possible solutions as a team (Design thinking)
Wednesday – Choose the best solution/s to prototype and test with a developed plan
Thursday – Create the prototype
Friday – Test with real users

The sprint is the best way to fully understand your customers and find the correct solutions for their needs that will best serve your business. Contact us to find out more about this workshop today!

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