User Experience

Discover the sweet spot between user wants and your business goals with a User Experience workshop

Benefits of a User Experience (UX) workshop

User journey maps

We’ll give you visibility over your user’s pain points by mapping out how they interact with your product or service.

Design thinking

With your user pain points identified, we’ll identify possible solutions to improve customer experience – helping you achieve your business goals.


Together we choose the best solution to turn into a rapid prototype – this is a basic website or app design with clickable links.


The prototype is tested with a group of people, which helps validate the solution and find any usability issues. Insights from testing enable us to quickly reiterate and update the design.

Post it notes on wall

Why you should focus on User Experience

The User Experience comes down to how a person feels when interacting with your system, be it a website, web application, or even desktop software. It’s vitally important to efficiently fulfill user needs in order to create positive experiences that will influence desired behaviours and increase customer loyalty.

Blitzm Design are User Experience experts who can help ensure you provide the very best experience for your customers and visitors. We’ll help you create meaningful interactions within your customer journey, which will lead to better business outcomes.

User Experience Workshops

Blitzm Design offers two UX Workshops for your business – a streamlined option for fast insights, or an in-depth dive into the mind of your customers.

Fast user insights

Duration: 2–4 hours

We’ll take you on a deep dive into your company data —analysing your business goals and  historical performance— to uncover insights that will help you gain a better understanding of your audience. Your customers’ existing pain points, as well as future challenges they may face, will be woven into customer personas to ensure your strategies benefit from a customer-centric perspective. These insights will help us shape a user flow to determine how customers interact with your business throughout their customer journey, and what their ideal User Experience should look like.

At the conclusion of this workshop we’ll provide you with a document of our findings, as well as a high-level plan outlining your next steps. In some cases clients benefit from the option to purchase a ‘7-hour prototype’, where we translate the recommendations into a designed and clickable prototype that you can test with stakeholders.

The 5-day sprint

Duration: 5 days (surprise!)

In this sprint we’ll undertake an in-depth investigation into a significant problem (or opportunity) that your business is facing. At the end of the sprint we’ll deliver a detailed prototype of the most promising solution and test it with users. 

Every workshop is tailored to the unique needs of our clients, however the structure of the five days is often as follows:

  • Monday – Define the problem and create a user flow with journey maps
  • Tuesday – Brainstorm possible solutions as a team (design thinking)
  • Wednesday – Choose the best solution/s to prototype and test
  • Thursday – Create the prototype 
  • Friday – Test with real users – capturing insights that allow us to rapidly reiterate in the event we proceed to development

The sprint is the best way to fully understand your customers, and find the solutions that will fulfil their needs and help you achieve your business goals.

Would you benefit from a clear roadmap for your project?

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