App prototypes

High-fidelity app prototypes

Got an idea for an iOS app or Android app? Start your process with an app prototype.

Ensure all your stakeholders are on the same page

Ideas are abstract, app prototypes are real. Being able to express your idea helps everyone to make informed decisions.

An app prototype is a valuable design asset

Don’t tell your investors what you’re building, show them. App prototypes also make sense to developers; they’re the most effective way to document exactly what they need to build when they’re producing your native iOS or Android app.

App prototypes accelerate your progress

When budgets and timelines are at a premium, being able to see your idea in action is essential. Our high-fidelity app prototypes aim to mirror a real user experience and can be rapidly updated. Having a realistic prototype lets you share your idea and improve it quickly.

Place your users in the centre of your design process

Users will be the adjudicators of success at the end of the project, so make sure they’re involved at the start. We use discovery and design thinking to make sure user priorities never get demoted. An app prototype ensures everyone can see this in action, allowing you to test your idea before embarking on expensive development.

Ben presenting a Masterclass at the Victorian State Library on app prototypes.

They understood what we needed as a start up, and delivered a key part of us getting the full project funded.

Tom O’Connor – CEO, AptoNow

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