VIEWS web/mobile platform

Servicing the public and private sectors, Visionstream delivers ICT solutions for Australia’s most important infrastructure networks.

Blitzm Design created VIEWS – a custom web platform and mobile app. Our app design enabled Visionstream to automate manual worksite processes.


Increased efficiency for contractors beginning work on-site

100% coverage across Australia, including in network black-spots

Visionstream wanted a digital solution to modernise their processes and create consistency across thousands of Australian worksites. Over their 20 year history Visionstream had built up a lot of legacy processes (many still paper-based), which required streamlining. Therefore, dozens of processes and procedures needed to be integrated into one app. The app design had to serve the needs of a diverse workforce spread across Australia. We also had to take into account variable (sometimes harsh) environmental conditions.

App design kickoff: 

We brought Visionstream stakeholders together for a user experience workshop, where we established a thorough understanding of the project deliverables, constraints, and goals. In the discovery phase we identified processes, desired behaviours, user profiles, pain points, and environmental factors.

App development – wireframes, UX, UI, and testing: 

We translated the information from the user experience workshop into UX wireframes for the mobile app. We then undertook user testing to efficiently discover what was working and what needed refinement. A live prototype enabled the Visionstream team to understand the functionality, which informed our smart workflow design. UI design mockups then bought the app to life. The design considered the user and environmental factors, such as bright sunlight and dirt from a construction site. Building accessible websites is one of our core strengths at Blitzm, and we always recommend including some best practice accessibility features. For VIEWS, accessibility was a critical consideration due to the diversity of both the workforce and the environmental conditions, so every feature of the app was designed with accessibility front of mind.

Once the UX and UI were finalised, we worked alongside Blitzm Systems (the development arm of Blitzm Design) who built the custom software solution. 

Project outcomes:

The VIEWS app was launched successfully to thousands of users, and Visionstream now has a next-generation operating model for the digital world.

Our strong foundational work played a huge role in the success of the project. The app was built on in-depth user insights, as well a solid understanding of the problems to solve and the environment. What started with VIEWS has grown into a long term partnership between Blitzm and Visionstream. We continue to deliver any UX and UI requirements, maintenance, and support for the software.

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