Multiple smartphones mock-ups showing different website design

Exciting news!

After many years of successful collaborations with our friends at Blitzm Systems, Jen & Ben Design has officially joined forces to become Blitzm Design!

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Hudson Institute of Medical Research Brand Evolution

The mullet was king of haircuts in the ’80s, and it was rocking! Business in the front and party in the back! Now, however, not so much. We evolve our hair cuts and fashion choices to keep up with the times while still expressing our individuality.

This is much the same as how a brand needs to evolve and keep relevant while still expressing who they are. In a world where attention spans are short and trends change like the wind, this is no easy task. Unless, of course, you have our help!

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ipads showing Optiscan website

Breaking down the cost of a website design

If you’re thinking of embarking on a website redesign, you may be presented with a range of different quotes and it can be difficult to unravel which is the best value. Having a better understanding of the work that should go into your design is the first step to deciding which provider is going to be able to build a website that is most appropriate for your needs.

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8 steps for a successful annual report

Has the business had a good year? Great year? Your annual report is a great platform to celebrate your success, and can be more than a generic, mandatory document. We’ve put together a guide for working side-by-side with your graphic designer to produce a beautiful annual report that speaks to your success. We’ll also make sure you avoid the common pitfalls that can cause the job to snowball.

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