Where can I find a
web design agency
for my business?

This guide will help you find and know what to look for when finding a great web design agency for your business

How to find a web design agency

1: Word of Mouth

Ask! You are bound to know people of have managed or been part of a website redesign project. Ask them who they worked with, if the web design agency was easy to deal with and ofcourse are they happy with the result.

2: Check footers

Find websites you really like the design and functionality of, and check the website’s footer for the name of the agency. If it’s not there, just email the business and ask who designed their website.

3: Awards

Google website awards in your city and check out past winners. Some examples are: Good Design Awards, AGDA Awards, DrivenXDesign, D&AD Awards

4: Google
Search for local web design agencies in your area. If they are close by face-to-face meetings will be helpful for kicking off the project and keeping updated on progress.

What to look for when selecting an agency

Use an agency that is based in Australia. Some agencies use overseas teams which make it difficult to ensure high quality.

Check their portfolio
Check the work section on the agencies website. As well as looking at the work pieces examples, click through to the website that was built and make sure it works well and is responsive.

Contact them
If they take a long time to get back to you, then it could be a sign of bad communication. Good websites are a team effort and you want open communication with your designer and development team.

UX workshops
Ask the agency if they run UX Workshops. UX workshops ensure the agency fully understand what your business goals are and who your user is. User-friendly websites are built by people of have your end user in mind.

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