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We’re a Melbourne based digital consulting agency. Our team have decades of experience and know exactly what it takes to help start-ups through to enterprise design successful digital products.

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UX & UI Design

User experience (UX) should always be at the forefront of any development project and plays a vital role in customer satisfaction and web-navigation. At Blitzm Design, our UX specialists consider the entire user journey, ensuring their experience with your brand is consistent across all devices. Our team of talented and experienced designers, create compelling user interface designs which are easy-to-navigate and visually attractive on all devices. UI design plays a vital role in achieving your app or software objectives and has the ability to increase sales and grow your business. Beautiful UI design can revolutionise your brand and we ensure it is implemented to the highest standards.

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Brand strategy

Developing a strong brand strategy is important to ensure you define your company’s unique services and position your brand for future growth.

At Blitzm Design, we design and develop your overall brand strategy, so your brand can communicate the right message to the right audience. We have extensive experience working with a host of Australian brands and have developed a ‘discovery phase workshop’ which takes an in-depth look at the key elements of your business that will guide future decisions and set your business up for long term success.

User testing

Through user testing, our team can gain valuable, accurate insights into your brand’s product or service which can then be tailored to best suit your customer’s needs and expectations.

Blitzm Design carries out both online and in-person user testing which can then help to resolve any functionality and usability issue. It can also provide unbiased insights into how your users interact with your website and can highlight your website’s strengths and weaknesses.

Responsive design

A responsive design ensures your website is optimised to work on a multitude of devices.

Blitzm Design creates responsive websites that adapt to all devices. We ensure that your website provides the best user experience possible, performs well and responds to your users specific needs. Audiences are increasingly using mobile and tablet devices in addition to desktops and laptops, so responsive design is critical for good website performance.


We create websites that are accessible, readable and engaging for all users, on all devices.

We design to the WCAG 2.0 Standards, ensuring that your website is accessible for as many people as possible. Accessibility is a cornerstone of our design process. In addition to creating a good website experience for all users, accessible designs improve SEO and will encourage desired user behaviours.


Blitzm Design create bespoke websites and specialise in services that are scalable and secure. Using WordPress, high-performing CMS and custom solutions, we can transform and modernise your user experience.

Blitzm Design have partnered with Blitzm Systems, a team of talented software developers who specialise in mobile app and website development. This combined expertise allows us to craft exceptional design and development experiences under one roof!

User friendly CMS

A CMS platform is software that allows you to easily manage and update your website so that it can evolve and grow with your audience.

Blitzm Design work with WordPress, which offers the freedom and flexibility to build engaging websites that connect with your customers. With it’s user friendly back-end functionality, you can easily modify and update your website; without the technical know-how! Blitzm Design also offer training once your custom website is complete, ensuring you can update your website with ease saving you time and money.


Scalability and responsiveness is key to good website design as a successful website needs to seamlessly and efficiently accommodate growth. We design with scalability in mind ensuring it is compatible across all browsers and applications. We also ensure ease of management and create websites that are easy to update and maintain so when your business grows, your website can grow with it and won’t get left behind

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