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After the success of the newly designed Maths Pathway website, we created an online version of their printed annual report (designed by Volcanic). The result is an online annual report that seamlessly integrates within their new website, re-engineering the printed content into an easy-to-use, branded online experience.



The brief

Take the printed annual report and turn it into an online page-turner. The online annual report stays true to the design of the printed annual report, but the design is transformed into a responsive, pure digital experience.

How we achieved this

A “magaziney” feel was achieved by incorporating print based design elements, such as; wide margins, large images and two column text. This works well with the rest of the website, separating the annual report as a standalone document while still letting it fit in.

The “cover” of the annual report became a dynamic table of contents; an attractive series of promo blocks that highlight each section of the report. The reader can easily scan what is in the report and has multiple ways into the content, via the main table of contents, a top summary or a fly-out menu.

The report is divided into easy to manage sections, with a variety of layouts to make the more text-heavy sections easy to read and not so dense. A page of intricate graphs has been built to match design of printed version, but also to work responsively on any device.

The online advantage

Bringing the Maths Pathway annual report online let them include video, which is a huge plus. Readers can see the system in action in classrooms, listening to the teachers and students themselves tell the story. We also track who is reading what, and collect email addresses from interested readers who want to become more engaged with Maths Pathway.

Easy to edit

The administration area also has a user-focused design so that the Maths Pathway team can easily edit, upload and move content around. The blocks and features that make up the annual report have also been designed to be extensible and reusable, and can be reused across the rest of Maths Pathway’s website.

Just part of what we do

The online annual report is just one great resource we have designed and built for Maths Pathway. We’ve also created a Media Library to house all their great video resources, and the main Maths Pathway website promotes their full maths learning and teaching model. Our experience in the education sector has given us a strong understanding of what Maths Pathway want and need, and together we’ve lifted their online branding and website to another level.

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