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An Australian startup delivering a completely new way for maths to be taught in Australian schools, helping students learn at double the rate of traditional models. Blitzm Design created a custom website design that enabled the startup to capitalise on a wealth of great content and clearly communicate their complex offering.


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Completely changing the way a school delivers a core subject is a major decision, so it was critical that Maths Pathway’s website —one of the first customer touch-points— effectively communicated the benefits of this new way of teaching maths. Another challenge was the sales cycle, which could be long. So building a relationship with their audience was an important strategy to ensure decision makers were aware of and trusted Maths Pathway when their school was ready to consider changing their curriculum delivery. With a wealth of research backing up the positive impact of Maths Pathway on students, as well as rich content to help maths leaders and teachers in the classroom, we had a great opportunity to create a digital experience that teachers would keep coming back to.

Custom website design process:

In order to be able to deliver the best possible user experience, we first had to understand Maths Pathway’s service offering, the decision making process of schools, and how the internal communications team would be using the website. It was important for the Maths Pathway team to have a high level of flexibility to update the website content and design as their needs evolved, so the structure and usability of the CMS was as important as the front end.

Website wireframes, UX, UI, and testing: 

We took an agile and design-led approach for this project, creating wireframes with flexible WordPress blocks that could be populated with content as required. Maths Pathway generates a lot of great multimedia content for their teacher community, so it was important to build an intuitive digital content solution that would allow visitors to browse the many case studies, classroom activities, and other media available. We designed the UX through responsive prototypes, locking in the functionality of the site before incorporating illustrations created by Volcanic Creative into the UI. 

In addition to educating visitors about Maths Pathway, the team also wanted to generate leads and capture visitor data. Pardot (B2B marketing automation software from Salesforce) was heavily integrated into the design to capture leads from many sources within the website, such as campaign sales pages, newsletter subscriptions, resource downloads, and the contact form.

Project outcomes:

The colourful and dynamic website provides Maths Pathway with a great platform to educate visitors about their new way of teaching maths. Critically, the backend CMS gives the communication team a great deal of flexibility to create new pages whenever they need, as well as an intuitive tagging system so that all media hosted on the website is easily browsable for visitors. Blitzm Design also created a library of templates to ensure management of the website and the creation of new assets is as straightforward for the Maths Pathway team as possible.

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