Hardy Spicer custom website design

Hardy Spicer is a leading Australian aftermarket supplier of Hydraulic and Industrial Hose and Fittings, Driveshafts and Universal Joints. Blitzm Design built a website that made it easy for busy tradespeople to find Hardy Spicer’s products and Service Centres.


Increased enquiries by 50%

Improved UX for mobile devices (33% of all traffic)

Implemented better analytics and reporting


With over 100,000 parts in their catalogue, Hardy Spicer needed a solution that would make it easy for tradespeople to find the specific parts they were looking for. With such a large catalogue, Hardy Spicer’s website content had gotten out of control – it was difficult for their website administrator to manage, and customers struggled to find the products they were looking for. 

In addition, the design was outdated and not supported on all devices, which negatively impacted SEO and created further barriers for tradespeople who often rely on mobile devices. Hardy Spicer knew they needed to improve their online customer experience, to ensure they didn’t lose business to competitors with easier to use websites.


We collaborated with the Hardy Spicer team to pinpoint the needs and expectations of customers who land on their website, then fed these insights into user journey maps. This formed the foundation of the new online experience, and enabled us to organise their content for more intuitive navigation.

We dived into the existing website’s analytics to gain a greater understanding of Hardy Spicer customer behaviour. By analysing the data we identified trends, such as the most popular search queries and that customers were struggling to find Service Centres. This data informed our  wireframe designs – to ensure important information was easily accessible.

Once we’d built a strong foundation of customer insights, we crafted the home page messaging so website visitors knew they were in the right place, and encouraged them to click through the site with clear visuals and concise copy. The large number of products and the high volume of customers searching for Hardy Spicer Service Centres meant that once we built an intuitive experience, organic traffic to the website skyrocketed, and analytics demonstrate that users are engaged by the content.

Project outcomes:

  • Our customer-centric design delivered the additional benefit of improved SEO: By building an intuitive navigation system, and ensuring the most frequent search queries were prominently addressed, we doubled enquiries. 
  • Our data-driven process meant the new website design was tailored to customer needs, making it easier for highly mobile tradespeople to access the website from anywhere, on any device.
  • The new website has an improved analytics system, allowing us to measure performance and continue to improve the website.

Blitzm Design is now working on three more websites under Motion APAC. We look forward to achieving similar results through our data-led and customer-centric approach to design and development.

    Portfolio images

  • Hardy Spicer website on a mobile device
  • “Blitzm Design helped us identify our critical user journeys and built a new online experience from the ground up, with customer insights at the heart of the design. The results speak for themselves.”

    Lynette Rodgers, Marketing Comms Leader

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