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Adding value to your audience through content is a powerful marketing tool, but it can be challenging to know the best way to channel it through your website. Blitzm Design has helped many clients build digital content solutions to manage and publish content. Making it easy to publish, categorise, and share content through their websites. 


⇧ Improved efficiency for site admins to manage content

⇧ Better user experience for website visitors, encouraging return traffic

⇧ Capitalising on owned content to improve SEO and drive visitors

The challenges that our clients come across in the management of their content is varied, some common problems we’ve helped solve include;

  • Unwieldy content libraries and clunky CMS systems that take a long time for administrators to manage.
  • Unoptimised content can slow website performance and frustrate users.
  • A poor UX makes it difficult for visitors to navigate and consume the content.
  • Businesses invest in the production of content but are not seeing any beneficial visitor behaviours.

Designing better digital content solutions:

Every project is different, so we take the time to understand each client’s challenges and desired outcomes. A kick off workshop with key stakeholders ensures we fully capture the scope of each project before we begin designing the solution. The level of customisation is completely dependent on the needs of each client and we’ve delivered everything from complex custom builds to simple adaptations of existing CMS.

Content publishing wireframes, UX, UI, and testing:

Our agile approach to development ensures we get the framework right before investing time designing the UI. Wireframes and live prototypes let clients click through a simple version of their experience, and we optimise the UX through our smart workflow design process. Clients are able to test and provide feedback at agreed milestones throughout each project, and we often utilise a staging version of the site to allow multiple stakeholders to test our solutions. 

Project outcomes:

The measurement of success is as varied as the problems we help clients solve, here are some of the metrics we’ve helped clients achieve;

  • Hudson increased readership of their newsletter when we created a digital version of their biannual publication.
  • Maths Pathway grew return visitation and time on site through their new media library.
  • Delivered a better user experience for OptiScan clients who needed quick and easy access to product documentation.

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  • Hudson Institue news digital content solution

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